Bristol Gardens Health Care

Project Type Community / Lobby room, Health Care
LocationBristol Ave, Staten Island, NY
SizeLobby Room Spaceis 45’9”x18’3”

My responsibility:

Myself designed all the space of the lobby room with more details and careabout a security desk in 3D and 2d drawing details. I was asked to keep a home atmosphere,and usesome materials like stone, wood , and painting walls. All doors were having a firm description of an architect company that must never be changed.

Project Description:

The basic idea was to keep a home atmosphere by the lines, colors, and materials. Also designed a security desk with the same concept that made customers feel it is not a scary area but helping area specially for old people.

The Plan Floor of Bristol Gardens Health Care, Second Floor.

The Drawing details:

I was working in American & International Design as an intern. My role was to design the community room in 3d drawing. At the beginning I started with a 3d designed directly before the elevations. Designed all the elements like walls, floor, ceiling, lighting, and the security desk furniture.After that I started in 2d elevations through 3 steps,first was the coloring elevation, second was the dimension elevation, and the third one was the description elevation.

The Elevation C-C Description

The Security Desk design:

The security desk was designed from a mixed variety of materials such as woods, stone, and 3D form panels which had an indirect light behind them.
It matched the same materials that were used in the space, also it touched with both styles of classic where appeared in the columns, and modern where appeared in 3D form panels.

The three elevations of security desk, the front elevation, and the side views elevations
3D form material which is transparent with a light reflects through it