Swia Oasis

The choosen area of the motel

“Eco Lodge Motel At Siwa Osis”

Project Type :Eco Lodge Motel

My responsibility:

It is a design project, all the design ideas have been created by myself,picking the place , the size of the project , the shapes, and

Project Description:

The basic idea of the design “Eco lodge motel” is a green concept. It contents of warm hospitality, traditional architectural designs, local materials,and unspoiled environment with a highly modern touches. Everything is highly green and natural. It was built from local material such as Karshief, and olive wood.

The Section in Restaurant Area

The famous oasis of Siwa…cannot be said to have fallen from its high
estate…only it has stood still while the world went on.”
Wilfred Jennings-Bramly

Oases are “islands of the blessed.” Herodotus

“This is a place to forget about the outside world, relax and explore
some truly unique surroundings.”
Sharon Otterman,
New York Times, March 18, 2007

The free hand sketch of layout plan.

“The Main Concept in the design:”

In this free hand sketch of layout plan, the main idea based on the nature as a source of inspiration and creativity, so that the main shapes of the design came from analysis of natural elements in Siwalandscapes, which surround the motel. The design ofthe free spaces area in “Wahed well” had carves and zigzag lines matching together to create a harmonious and unique design as a part of natural surrounding environment, and completely used technology.There were two basic axes which passed with the main area that included the well as a central point which crosses to all the basic functionally spaces like: reception, swimming pool, restaurant, bedrooms, and all the areas surrounded by a beautiful landscapes.

Some views have craves lines, and zigzags lines from Siwa Oasis, which were a basic idea in the design.

The floor Plan with special colored areas that indicated the designed spaces with details.
Final Layout Plan.

Local materials:

These are tiles which used in a basic corridor in the layout plan.There are two kinds of tiles, first one is a salt stone tile that content of small stone, salt, which exist in Siwa lakes, and polycarbonate. The polycarbonate worked as a reflective surface which reflects the noon light at night, because it is a transparent material that gave the stone strong body by covering it.Second one sand stone tiles which feature natural and unique shape. It didn’t need any grout to establish on the floor or to join the tiles together. It reflects a desert atmosphere, and harmony with amountain senses. Had an unregulated Shapes which increase the harmony.

Salt Stone Tiles
Sand Stone Tiles
Floor Plan in Guest Bedroom
Floor Plan in Guest Bedroom
Section A-A in Guest Bedroom

The Lights:

The lights have the same atmosphere Which goes in harmony with the surround area, matching with the design which based on local materials. All of the items made from palm tree branches, and the lines form beautiful shapes had a same concept.

Floor Plan in Reception Area
Section in Reception Area
Section in Reception Area
Respective in Swimming Pool Area
The Exterior Elevation of Bedrooms Area
The Concept of lights and natural materials in the Elevation at Night
The Concept of lights and natural materials in the Elevation at Night